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Invite your friends and start earning NFTs and crypto NOW!

Infiblue needs your help to grow our community! To give our community members incentives to invite their friends, we created this referral policy. It gives members a chance to earn our crypto, game coins, and whitelist for NFT airdrop.

Earn $10 of Game Coins

When a player invites another one to join our game, both the inviter and invitee will receive $10 worth of game coins after the invitee completes the first deposit. Game coins are different from our crypto and are used only in the game. Players can claim these game coins when the game launches. Players can use the game coins in the game or exchange them for cryptos and real-life currency.

Get a whitelist for NFT airdrop and blind box

Players who invited more than 20 people to Infiblue membership website will qualify for an available spot on the whitelist. Players on the whitelist can avoid the lottery and participate in NFT airdrop or blind box. In every round, the total number of whitelist slots should be equal to or less than 50% of the total number of NFT. When the number of qualified players outnumbers the available spots in the whitelist, players will be ranked by the number of their invitees who joined our community. The players who invited more people will get the spots. The rest will join the regular lottery.

Earn Infiblue Crypto (Monie)

Players can get 2000 Monie when they invited 100 people who joined Infiblue website membership, and they will get additional X monie* for every invitee beyond 100. 

*X is 20 before 9/1/2022, 10 from 9/1/2022 and 12/31/2022, and 5 after 12/31/2022.

Infiblue reserves the right to edit or revoke this referral policy.

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